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Whoever you are dying to see live, whatever your budget, wherever you live, whoever you want to go with there’s a festival for you! So take a look at what’s in store and imagine the sun, the music and the memories waiting to happen...

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It's almost time to start planning for your festival and one of the best ways to get ready is see what apps you can download for your iPhone!!


We know it's very hard to keep your phone charged for the whole festival but if you can, these are essential tools for any festival lover...



This great app lets you know whether you're going to need your ponchos and wellies or suncream and flip flops!



To make sure you save those awesome memories, you have to take pictures, and there's not a more stylish way than with this free app!



This may seem an obvious choice, but this is essential to keep up date for all info from the festival, bands and your friends so you don't miss a beat.



Pretty self explanatory, make sure you never forget where your tent is!



This is a must need app for when you're staggering back in the middle of the night to your tent, nothing worse that not being able to find anything in the dark!



Here a song you really love and don't know what it is?! Pull out shazam and it will tell you.


Don't forget most festivals have their own apps as well, with site maps and info about the festival! So make sure you give your festival a search on app store before you go :) 

Appy festival season

'Appy festival season!apps


As much as we love festivals, we're not as keen on camping and for one reason alone... no phone chargers! But now, thanks to the power of technology (and the willingness of phone networks) most festivals have charge points so you can make sure you're always at the end of


To ensure you don't end up wandering around a field in the dark sobbing, "Where's my tent?" , here are the essential tools to help you make the most of festivals this summer


1. Tweetdeck: This Twitter aggregator is one of the quickest ways to keep informed of news on site. Free


2. Battery: Breaks down the time remaining on your phone's functions including playback and Wi-Fi. 59p


3. Met Office Weather: Find out whether you need to pack flip-flops or wellies. Or both. Free


4. Spotify: To help you educate yourself on bands' music - no one likes a fair-weather fan. £9.99 a month


5. Torch: Useful for zipping up your tent in the dark. Also good for the night-time toilet run. Free


6. Tentfinder: Stand next to your tent and log its location, then use this app to guide you in at 2am. 59p


7. Glympse: Upload your location, say how long you'll be there and wait while your friends find you. Free


8. Pingchat!: Instant chat, pictures and video messaging, so you can see the bands you're missing. Free


9. Bump: Share contacts, photos and apps with a simple touch of iPhoneto iPhone. Free


10. Vimeo: A video editor to upload live footage of bands for your friends at home to feel jealous. Free


11. Virtual Lighter: Because burning your fingers isn't cool. Especially if it's to the sounds of Bon Jovi. Free


12. Hipstamatic: Take vintage pictures and make it look like you were at Woodstock. £1.14