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Musical Insights - Howard James Kenny


Musical Insights - Is our new insider interviews section - Over the next few weeks we have interviews with Musicians, Festival Organisers and Diehard Festival fans...


This Week - Howard James Kenny




photo by snaprockandpop. Joe Singh


We all love festivals and there is no better feeling then standing in a field watching one of your favourite bands, Or is there?? Imagine playing to hundreds even thousands of people.


Meet Howard James Kenny, a Singer / Songwriter / Drummer / Guitarist & Vocalist from Worcester. Howard currently performs in two different bands as well as touring his own solo album. Howard has played a number of festivals up and down the country and we catch up with him to get the inside scoop:


Hi Howard, So you've just returned from your European tour. How was that?


It was great thanks. It's something I've wanted to do for many years, so I'm glad the opportunity finally came around. Being able to do it with the excellent Maybeshewill just made it all the more fun an experience.


How do you European audiences stack up against us Brits?


They're so welcoming and honoured to have travelling artists coming to their cities, so it's very much a mutual appreciation all round. Given my generally quiet output, an attentive is always appreciated, and they certainly exceeded all expectation to that regard and beyond. I think us Brits are a bit spoiled by the sheer amount of music that we can experience on the live circuit.


Festival season is just around the corner, many planned this year?


I'm playing a festival called Dumbfest this weekend, as they approached me directly, but as I'm taking a bit of time out to work on my next release at the moment, I won't be playing any other festivals this year. Not summer festivals anyway. The band I sing and drum in (The Cape Of Good Hope) are playing 2000 Trees Festival though. That's always an honour.


You played Big Chill festival last year, Kanye West headlined - How was that?


 It was great. BBC Introducing had a stage and asked me to play, so I couldn't say no! The crowd were very hospitable and gave me a great response, given that most of them hadn't heard my music previously. It's always nice to see some great artists at the same festivals too, such as Wild Beasts and Fourtet.


Describe the feeling of playing a Festival?


For me, it's very daunting. There's not much time to soundcheck and you can't bank on people being there to see you. All you can do is play as well as you always try to and hope for the best.


How does this vary to indoor gigs?


 Indoor gigs are a little more controlled and that generally puts my mind a little more at ease, but I'm not the most confident person in the world, so it's never perfect.


Do you prefer playing a festival in a band or as a solo musician?


 I don't prefer either. They're both so different.


What is your one stand out festival highlight?


Probably seeing Lightning Bolt at ATP, but there's too many to mention.


Listen to howards music here :


Howard James Kenny




The Cape of Good Hope




The Broken Oak Duet


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