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Welcome to our 2012 Summer Festival microsite, which is 100% dedicated to the joys of the UK summer festival calendar. We’ve designed this with you in mind to help make sure you’ve got enough info to decide which is the best festival or open air concert for you.

Whoever you are dying to see live, whatever your budget, wherever you live, whoever you want to go with there’s a festival for you! So take a look at what’s in store and imagine the sun, the music and the memories waiting to happen...

Festival Food - Move On Burgers

So, this week Melvin Benn from Reading and Leeds Festivals has announced that this year weekend ticket holders to both festival sites will get a free beer and a free burger on each day of the festival. Benn commented:


"...only for weekend ticket holders - but it will be from a number of food stalls and it will definitely happen. As I said, even if I have to pay for it myself it will happen!"


Burgers have been the default food service for festivals since festivals began but there are a number of alternatives that really deliver.



 Pie Ministerblog




Found at many a festival up and down the country. A personal favourite of mine. The menu consists of all kinds of pies - from Moo & Blue Pie (british Beef steak with red wine gravy and long Clawson stilton in lovely pastry) to special edition pies : The Hope & Glory Pie was introduced alongside the RFU Six Nations Championship.

For More Info go to : www.pieminister.co.uk






Chorizo Express

I have stumbled across this little gem on a couple of occasions. The Chorizo Express is a family run, unique catering business. The menu may be small but it is packed with flavour. The signature dish being : FLAME GRILLED CHORIZO -w/ fresh wild rocket, Piquillo Peppers and olive oil in a toasted Ciabatta.

For more info go to http://www.chorizoexpress.co.uk/






The Chilli Bar

Been drinking in the sun all day? Only one thing for it, a nice Burrito! The Chilli Bar has featured at a number of festivals and seems to be a firm favourite.  Serving all things Mexican this stall offers something for those that enjoy the spice side of Festival Food.

For more info go to : www.thechillibar.co.uk

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